A Visit To The Age of Aquarius

A Visit to the Age of Aquarius

Note: Wow, I called this one accurately in 2006…

If you are old enough, the memories of the 1960’s must include the musical group, The Fifth Dimension’s recording of The Age of Aquarius, from the Broadway musical, Hair. The lyrics tell of a period of time in the Astrological calendar when, for astrological reasons, the heavens are aligned in a way which permits personal awareness and responsibility to rise and thus push away darkness and oppression. Individual freedom and power from this knowledge shall increase, and there will be greater harmony in the universe and among mankind. Science and spiritual awakening… well, you get the idea.

The Age of Aquarius has a specific length in years and a cycle which places it in the astrological calendar. The key here is that most Americans and, I presume most persons who have heard the song enough, were led to believe they were living in the Age of Aquarius, but we were not. The Age shall begin sometime in the next six to eight years (begins between 2012 & 2014); that changes things. There is a short-term problem tied to the coming of this Age, which has the potential of causing great death and destruction.

Please consider the Internet. This one entity shows promise to erase borders and intertwine the whole of the Earth’s people in a way not possible before. A person can inexpensively contact another directly, with clarity and speed. Important dialog can occur among many participants scattered throughout the globe without loss of content or lags in communication time. The Internet is clearly a pathway to help bring into existence and to expand this coming Age. Software permits a reader of this text to request a complete translation so it can be read in a native language. Confusion about the meanings of words is erased more completely every year. Peoples who could not exchange information before are discovering that other societies are more the same than imagined, so peace becomes easier. Emergency needs can be found and their delivery more rapid than before. With the expansion of the world’s knowledge base and the availability of knowledge to individuals, comes the ability to think and plan farther into the future. The world will become more efficient, so we will all have the opportunity to live with more physical prosperity and greater and more numerous spiritual bonds.

Most importantly, there is enough space on the net to share all thoughts, and enough power in the media to permit even the smallest expressed thought to be found if it becomes important. The bandwidth of the Internet is also shrinking the ability of individuals to lie and maintain falsehoods. Superstitions and rumors are more quickly and completely removed from the mainstream, so they waste away faster. The Internet is here, and by the time the Age of Aquarius arrives, it will be embedded and familiar to virtually all portions of the world and ready to do its part to expand the zen. The level of education among the entire world population is expanding faster than even the Internet.

Spirituality is also rising. After the “Technocracy” which followed World War II, our societies have slowly returned to more traditional priorities: new weapons only kill both sides of a conflict faster, which typically never solves the real problem. Leadership in religion is rising in popularity and authority every year, I think mostly because we are growing more tired of material things and are trying to find a higher life for ourselves and our children. This, of course, plays right into the Age of Aquarius.

No matter what is your belief structure, it is easy to notice improvements to information access, to differing opinions, and news about any spiritual topic. You are not required to believe in astrology to accept that the features promoted by the astrological calendar have the means to begin. This is part of the problem.

Please consider the person who does not agree with his society. It could be the color of the places of worship, it could be their shape. It may be any philosophical difference between that citizen and the society in which the citizen lives. This difference in almost all cases is healthy for the citizen and for the society. We characterize those social groups who do not permit other forms of thought to be backwards, and at times capable of doing great evil in the name of their belief structure. This feature is the current problem.

I would like to offer an example most Americans will understand. Imagine an African-American living in the deep South during the early part of the twentieth century. For many Southern Christian congregations, the leadership was openly racist, discriminating against all non-whites. Some of these church leaders were worse, so imagine a black Christian mother who hears of a minister calling on his flock to drive the non-whites out of her town, no matter how it is done. My personal feeling is that she would look to another church and congregation to participate in worship.

My example is to try to show that there are times when a change of belief structure is healthy for both the individual and for the society. This woman removed her support from the abusive congregation, and supported another church in its worship of God. Her staying in the abusive church may have been physically damaging to her and her children, but it would have been psychologically hurtful for her to remain. At the same time, the wayward church lost the woman’s validation and that is also appropriate. This has happened in a different form and for different reasons since society began. The result of over four thousand years of individuals acting upon cultural differences is the huge varieties of religions and cults in the world. This is the humor which accompanies the problem we face as the Age of Aquarius approaches.

History sites that Hitler was obsessed with the occult. People assign devious perversion as a reason, but I believe a more simple process. Adolf was Jewish, born and raised. He had to personally forsake Judaism and more importantly, he had to promote the hatred of Jews among the country’s leadership, who had to then convince the soldiers to go off and execute millions of their countrymen in a clearly non-Christian manner. If Hitler could find any belief structure which could satisfy the needs of his agenda, then no matter how obscure the references, he could use it to help maintain control of his ego and his world.

In this way, every political leader in every historical moment has had the opportunity to go to the huge sociological catalog and select a belief structure which most closely suits his or her agenda. This structure is adjusted by the spiritual leaders of the movement, then the movement goes forward. If the political leader chose correctly and his spiritual leaders are good, then the belief structure provides the best aid for the movement.

In the present situation with the onset of the Age of Aquarius, the problem is the clash between four thousand years of belief structures when it collides with a new awareness throughout the world. Any change in the balance of power in the world will concern those who have the power now and would prefer to maintain that power rather than let the citizen of the world have it. Kings do not want democracy and dictators halt free elections. Considering the power structure in the United States and Western Europe in this moment, it is easy to see the possibility of conflict.

Nostradamus saw this. He may or may not be a mystic, but clearly not for this event. He most certainly was a great scholar of history. All he had to do was to reference the astrological calendar for when the Age of Aquarius was about to commence, and realize there would be leaders here who would not want to lose their authority and would use all their deviousness and subversion to derail the new Age. The actual leaders in this moment have maintained a power structure not much changed since before World War II, and their momentum is great. Their power is great, as are their resources to try to halt the Age. I am witnessing to you that I can see their efforts have begun.

The humor here is that a great number of the leaders of cults and secret organizations use some portion of astrology in their arranged belief structure, and here is the same astrology telling them that in a decade, many will be out of business. Not only that, but their belief structure, often inherited from centuries ago, is scheduling them for a reduction of status. Also, it doesn’t matter what your belief are, and how you look at astrology, what matters is that these leaders are caught up in it, and that you can see their plight. That is grand humor.

Nostradamus’ texts did not predict the end of the world to be in the next few years, just a great conflict. I don’t think he was a mystic, I just think he was a smart guy, and a scholar who could read a bus schedule.

We are entering a social phase where the opportunities for personal discovery will be taking huge leaps. This is new technology and social inertia. Why or if the astrological calendar is approximately correct will remain in the social discussion for long after the next decade. There are leaders who will lose status, as with all large changes in any society. Like the leaders throughout history finding themselves in a similar situation, many will be unable to adjust and will fight to maintain their power, so we will have conflict. Just look at the schedule, understand the perfume of power, and to imagine the model of this fight is not difficult.

Please consider that every time you hear someone spouting ominous warnings about World War Three, or about Armageddon, or the End of the World, chances are this individual is trying to frighten you into following them. The more established and mainstream this source is, the greater chance that it is part of an organized and planned effort meant to steal any new resource of power from the world’s citizens and to keep it concentrated with those who have it now. Their membership spans capitalism, communism, marxism, socialism, dictatorships and religions, without difference of goal. These are just leaders in search of a following as the world moves away from them. Unfortunately, some of these leaders have the financial capacity and sociopolitical power to kill many of us in contrived wars and conflicts in order to make it look as though they were correct. They will then save us from the same wars they start.

My advice is to trust in God, smile knowingly, and say ”NO”.


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