A Treatment For AIDS

A Treatment for AIDS

Note: If I had more influence in the scientific world of 2006, think of all the people who would still be alive. There may be time for your children.


The disease we call HIV is caused by a virus. Like all viruses, the adult form can invade cells and destroy them from within. The goal of this technology is to create a small, economical and portable apparatus which is capable of destroying adult HIV viruses by bombarding them with high energy tuned to their exact size. This mechanical energy overloads the shell of the individual virus and destroys it in less than a second.

This is accomplished with a new approach to the use of existing technology. The application of known mathematics yields a model which is capable of performing the task. Since this process is mechanical, it may work alongside every known pharmaceutical treatment, without impact to the other treatment.

I worked this all out over ten years ago, and after that much time to review the data, I can find no mistakes. I worked for an electronic power supply manufacturer and know we have the capability of producing the power clean enough to provide the stability required to maintain the generated destructive fields. The active elements are extremely similar to the diode lasers found in most compact disk and DVD players – at about one to three percent of the player’s laser power.

Best of all, after a new virus is discovered, the technology requires little adjustment to kill the new strain.

The rest is up to you. If you want this technology to become available, read on.

Joe Brown

August 10, 2006

To date, there are very few pharmaceutical products which can kill viruses in your body. We can slow their multiplication, block their ability to attach to human cells, and a few more tricks to slow them down, but we can’t kill them. I pose a quiz question to you: what natural item destroys more viruses than does any other? The Sun.

There is another entry in this website called, Millennial Physics, and if you have read it, you might conclude that I know more than a small amount about the sun’s rays. Many medical professionals know about the Sun and viruses; scientists know it also, and yet, I think they do not know how the Sun’s rays actually destroy the virus. It is so easy to model the intensity and large spectrum of radiation which comes from the Sun to cook the viruses. That is almost what happens. It is close enough for the scientists, so they think no further about it.

To understand what really happens, you must know something about viruses. They spawn inside living host cells of other creatures, like inside human cells. As they develop in this stage, they consume the materials inside the host cell until it is no longer capable of mitosis – dividing into two new cells. Most viruses – especially the dangerous ones, will deplete the host cell’s contained material until it dies, but before that happens, the new viruses inside the host cell each construct a protein shell, completely covering the reproductive tissues of the virus. Once this shell is completed, the virus may survive inside the host’s circulation system and for some viruses, out in the environment for somewhat long periods of time. When the host cell dies and its cell wall breaks, these new adult viruses scatter to find new host cells, which may be the adjacent cell or one at the other end of the host’s circulation system. When the virus has created its shell and can travel outside its host cell, the shell is labeled a ‘capsin’. This shell, the capsin, is the focus of my adaptation of technology.

Consider that the main pharmaceutical approach to suppressing viruses is to prevent them from using a “key” protein on the mouth of the capsin, which is able to “unlock” a protein receptor on the host cell. The host cell receptor thinks the viral key is a protein nutrient, and opens a portal in the host cell’s wall and allows the capsin to inject its contents (the virus’s reproductive system) into the new host cells interior. The other approaches try to finely divide the chemical processes of viruses and their host cell.

Viruses succeed by force of sheer numbers. If a particular virus is successful, then it continues, but a graphically high rate of mutation is natural for the life form. If every tenth generation of virus mutates, then you can understand that there is a great failure rate as unsuitable mutations do not continue. The number of viruses in a host must be extremely large for success. As one strain in the host mutates away from effectiveness, a second and third strain in the same host have a new chromosomal set which is successful, often for a completely different reason. This ever-changing survey of chromosomal strains is very difficult to constrain with drugs because the virus is constantly changing. Also, pretend there is a person in the laboratory with a viral disease, and the scientists succeed in perfecting a drug regimen that is successful in suppressing the virus until it is not detectable. If they use that same process on another candidate with the same disease, his viruses may be so different the drugs don’t work at all.

The feature of a virus which remains the same throughout its mutations is the capsin. It is the shell which holds the delivery system which nature has developed for millions of years. The nature of the capsin’s stability makes the modern virus is capable of its great chromosomal variations. For HIV and the remainder of viruses which affect humans and the higher animals, the greatest attribute of the protein capsin is that there is no human component in the blood or any of the cells which is even remotely close to the size of any capsin. Everything in humans is much bigger, or much smaller. Specifically even if every component in a human which is close to the size of a capsin were somehow destroyed, the human would easily survive. I am asking you to understand that at these sizes, all science and technology can only approximate, but because the gulf between the size of any capsin and anything else that is human, we can dump great quantities of energy, without precise tuning, into the field and destroy the capsin in that field, yet still not put any human components at the slightest risk.

The scientific study we will use to provide this energy is called Interferometry. It is the study of what happens when more than one source of radiation power is projected into the same area. This study includes all electromagnetic frequencies, and cycles down to the lowest sounds generated within the Earth. Interferometry has been studied as a science for over a century: the formulae and techniques are well-known. As for the Sun and the scientist, their modeling does not include Interferometry in three-dimensional space. Most scientific study handles only two-dimensional models – waves traveling across the ocean’s surface. The destruction of viruses will involve creating a model in three dimensions, which is how the Sun kills them. This model will fashion a volume in space which exactly matches the volume of the HIV capsin. Once that model is perfected, a set of frequencies will be determined, and the manner in which the frequencies collide inside the section of space in order to create that volume. Imagine placing three flashlights on their sides and in a circle on a flat, horizontal surface. Point the flashlights (turned-on, of course) so the beams converge at one spot. Place a glass of water at the center of the spot and look into the glass. As you move your eyes around, you will notice patterns in the water of light and dark which change as the flashlights are shifted.

Instead of flashlights, we will be using very specific lasers, probably diode laser, each tuned to emit a calculated frequency. A second laser will emit a slightly different frequency, while a third is another frequency. When these three (or more) lasers emit light to flow through a small region of space, the beams interfere with each other and the harmonics of that interference can perform work on physical entities – like a capsin. The goal then is to move the capsins in the human body through that small volume of space, where they will be bombarded by the laser energy. Since the energy is tuned to match their size, they resonate with it until they can no longer handle the input of energy, at which time the capsin shell fractures and spills its DNA content out and into the universe – harmless.

Imagine a client going to a clinic and being hooked-up to an apparatus very similar in function to a kidney dialysis machine. His blood would be drawn into the machine where it would all pass through a small volume of space and be bombarded by the lasers. The blood cells are much too large to be bothered by the laser radiation at these frequencies and to the human cells the energy is no more than a tickle. The proteins in the blood and in the cells are too small to be affected by the bombardment, but every HIV capsin which passes through the volume of space is shredded. The blood returned by the machine to the body contains no ADULT HIV viruses – every capsin has been destroyed.

Another example of how we use Interferometry is the hologram. A shape is illuminated with a laser, and the reflection is recorded on a photographic plate. If you understand holograms, this technology merely reverses the process. We know how big and the shape of an HIV virus, and we are using the laser system to recreate a model of it in energy. When the capsin and the energy model occupy the same space, the energy destroys the HIV. Interferometry is used to create an entire matrix of these energy models.

In the past decade, an advertisement campaign for audio recording tape featured the First Lady of Song singing into a microphone. That audio signal was amplified and sent through a loudspeaker with a crystal goblet placed near the speaker cone. When she sustained the right note, the goblet was shattered by the sonic force of her amplified voice. Consider that in most circumstance involving the tissues of a singing woman and glass will show the glass is stronger than the tissue. It will cut or bruise the tissue, and vocal chords are very fragile when compared to other human tissues. Consider also, that the final stage of the audio amplification process is the speaker cone which actually generates the sound to break the glass. These cones are made from either paper or polymer, and in most cases, glass will easily cut paper or polymer, or it will deform this type of paper or polymer when they are pressed together. Yet, if the circumstances are correct, then the voice will break the glass. The paper sound cone will break the glass. The key here is that the sound energy is at the correct frequency to cause the crystals of the goblet to resonate, storing the energy input to the goblet by the loudspeaker, until the crystalline structure can no longer support the level of energy, so the crystals separate and the goblet shatters. The proteins which make the capsin can be made to vibrate in the same way, and the most efficient manner and most precise expression of energy onto these three-dimensional capsins is with diode lasers in phased array.

Note: I request that to honor the First Lady of Song – Ella Fitzgerald, please consider nicknaming this treatment as receiving an “Ella”. I think she would have liked that.

The rest of this article is details. The dialysis-type machine model is appropriate because one machine can treat over a dozen clients a day. As our capacity to produce these volumes of space grows, the size of volume generated by one machine will get larger, so more blood may pass through. This will improve treatment and broaden schedules. As the size of the individual volumes of space grows, we will be able to pass a finger through, then a hand, and finally a whole body may pass through. If the selected virus has a gestation period of three hours, if the body is passed through the volume of space every two hours for a day, the client may be virtually free of the virus. That is nearly a cure, which connects to a discussion of other treatments.

This technology is mechanical and not chemical. There is no expectation that chemical/pharmaceutical treatments for the same disease will be affected by the Ella treatment, and the Ella treatment should not be affected by drugs. I would expect all cases of HIV to continue their inhibitor drugs while in the Ella program. Thus, there is no disadvantage to using them in conjunction.

The Ella machine consists of a power supply for the lasers, the optical chamber where the blood passes through the laser beams, and a blood pump. There will most probably be additional appliances on the machine; temperature will be a critical factor for the laser frequency stability, so the blood temperature may be stabilized to improve effectiveness. Filtering or pH adjustment may improve effectiveness.

I have considered two approaches to destroying viruses with passed-array lasers. The first method is as I described above; pound the capsin with frequencies designed to fracture it and disperse the inside DNA into the blood, making it useless. The second method is to use the phased array to single out the capsin, then to use the shell’s geometry to make it become an induction oven, actually cooking the reproductive system inside. Both have merit, and I feel the technologists will determine which is more effective and which is safer.

It has been speculated that if the human body were given enough time, eventually it would develop a defense against the HIV virus on its own. Unfortunately, HIV kills the victim faster than the defense system can figure out how to track the mutations. I speculate that if the Ella treatment program were to be instituted along with current and future pharmaceutical programs, we could begin in time to see individuals acquire autonomous immunity. At that time the world changes. This technology will advance that date.

On the horizon is Ebola as well as a dozen other virus species which could depopulate regions of the Earth in a period of only a few months. Since we do not know what the specific strain will be, we cannot plan our defense with drugs alone. When any virus shell is surveyed and mapped for volume and shape, the appropriate chamber and set of lasers can be quickly built and distributed in large quantities. The base Ella Machine will not be changed, except the optical chamber and lasers will be exchanged. With some minor changes in laser voltage and current or a different blood pump speed, the new module can begin to kill the new virus.

It is possible to have six hundred Ella Machine in trials by the end of the year 2006. The technology is currently “on the shelf”. We already make power supplies far more stable than required, and the laser power measured in milliwatts. The big effort is in modeling. The Optical Chamber for a specific species of virus must be modeled, and the frequencies of the lasers designated. For HIV, the capsin’s three dimensional shape and volume have been in the public domain for years (more on that later).

The push now rests with the physicists. They must develop the modeling and formulae to solve this specific problem. There are no barriers to this development, just the quantity of work required to permit an effective and stable Ella Module to be produced for HIV. Their modeling will then shift to Ebola, hepatitis, and eventually to herpes. I feel there will be some yield of destruction for viruses not targeted; a client receiving treatment for HIV may also show a reduction of another virus present because the energy harmonics were close enough to its ideal frequency set and the laser set provided sufficient power.

You read a few moments ago that I finished this work over ten years ago (1994). After about two years of thinking about it and challenging the results, I contacted the Center for Disease Control (this would be about eight years ago – 1998). They didn’t even acknowledge receipt of the data. I contacted an American group of scientists who specialized in Interferometry. They didn’t even acknowledge receipt. I then went to the Surgeon General of the United States Army and emailed to him the proposal. The Army’s Surgeon General did email back, to chew me out. He acted like he resented my dumping it on HIS desk. I responded, pointing out that the whole idea was to save the lives of soldiers and sailors subjected to militarized virus strains while in combat. I also pointed to the super-fast reaction time for forward combat exposure mitigation (treating the exposed teams without having to transport them by bringing the very-portable technology to them). I never heard from him again. I even spent an afternoon handing out flyers on South Street in Philadelphia, providing an abbreviated description of the technology.

In fairness, eight years ago I was not known to anyone. There is no PhD after my name – I’m a nobody. The CDC is not configured to respond to anything that is not the product of a pharmaceutical company, so to them a physical virus smashing machine is unmanageable. I do not criticize the CDC; they were incapable of taking it seriously. As for the scientists and the military, the consideration is that the understanding of diode lasers in phased array – especially in the Optical Chamber size needed to do the work on the viruses, is very close to the technology’s usage in hand-held beam weapons. This technology is a primary step toward Star Trek’s Phaser or Disruptor, of all sizes. I can understand why some might hesitate. Funding to model the HIV virus in three dimensions was, however, somehow released. Finally, for the next few years, this technology is a TREATMENT for AIDS, and American authorities are hesitant to endorse yet another treatment, not a cure.

The point of telling you this is that I believe the motivational effort to accomplish this task will not come from our government nor its entities. The defense of our country includes active repression of certain types of technology that may prove difficult to manage, and this repression is appropriate. The risk of mass deaths from Ebola and Bird Flu is imminent, so to me constitutes a greater risk to our nation. My call.

I feel that when this process becomes mainstream, the military command will be permitted to institute the fast response teams to isolate and successfully treat combat soldiers instead of keeping the technology locked up in the labs. These soldiers and sailors protect us and this is my way of protecting them.

I believe the force behind this effort will come from a physicist who daughter is dying of AIDS. It will come from the industrialist whose son just died from viral-based leukemia or whose sister just died from cervical cancer. It will come from a very wealthy sufferer of hepatitis.

The best part of this technology is that it is difficult to control with patents. If one set of laser frequencies is patented, another set may be as effective. The acoustical shape of the Optical Chamber is based on the laser frequency set, and this will absolutely be different for each set and for each virus. If one company bribes a congressman and successfully halts use of one chamber’s shape, with just bit more energy, another, similar shape will work well enough to save tens of thousands of Africans. The whole fundamental idea is mine, and I shall grant patent license of most rights and privileges, as non-exclusive, to every request for a penny, US currency.

If you have HIV or Hepatitis, I suggest you befriend a physicist and ask for more detailed explanations. Then ask the physicist to participate in the effort.


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