Update Blog – Millennial Physics – 2017 Edition

Note: Thankfully, there is no “Final Word” in genuine science. There is always expansion of the truth and refinement of models – always more to say.

April 4, 2018

Entry One: Time is the transmission our Sun provides that forms its field. Transmission travels from the Event Horizon inside Sol outward to fill the entire Solar System. This transmission only goes in one direction – outward: during virtually all Significant Moments, any position within the Solar System experiences its movement through the position in only one direction. The vector originates at the Sun’s Event Horizon, traveling through each position in the Solar System.

Our perception of time is that it moves only in one direction. Sol is a very stable star, so fluctuations in our perception and measurement of time are virtually a constant. For other star systems, time may act very differently.

Entry Two: The text of Millennial Physics includes the classic model of a single atom traveling at the speed of light and in orbit around a disk in an otherwise vacant universe. The disk is only a single atom thick, and is of the same material as the orbiting atom. The diameter of the disk is so large, the orbit of the atom moving at the speed of light travels only one atom’s diameter outboard of the disk’s edge.

There has been a lot written about this model by others. My model states that to integrate that model into anything meaningful within the real universe, an individual model must be developed for every star: the speed of light and the diameter of the disk will be unique to each star. The domestication and grooming of this model will yield much understanding of how atoms behave throughout the universe, and will quantify their limits of behavior.

Entry Three: Pluto is not as restrained as the inner planets by the Sun’s proximity: Sol’s barrage of vibration. We know Pluto expresses an unexpected level of atomic radiation. We may discover Pluto is relatively rich in quantities of the larger atoms, particularly the more radioactive isotopes.

April 06, 2018

Everything humans have observed is from within Sol’s gravity field. All experimentation has been executed and results documented within Sol’s gravity field. Mankind’s entire realm of experimentation resides within Sol’s gravity field.

The vast majority of history’s experimenters have presumed that their results quantified results for the entire universe: in publishing results, their attitude has presumed universality for the rules they developed and the outcomes they project. My model indicates their data is precise only for events within our Solar System: results will show trends elsewhere but not quantitative outcomes.

Physics is an enterprise relying very heavily upon established facts. Confirmation of facts is almost always required before a finding becomes a rule or tenet. The only experiments receiving significant confirmation must use the rules of Sol’s gravitational field.

My position is, presence of Sol’s gravity field in all physical results of history’s total set of experiments is an invalid bias that hid reality from all historical physicists. We can go farther, walk taller without that crutch.

April 16, 2018

Holographic Universe: There have been conversations for a few years about the possibility that the universe at one time in its history was a hologram. While this gets attention, most of it is distraction. The focus is the loss of a dimension – from three to two dimensions.

There is an explanation for many of the features supporting “historical-hologram universe” thoughts within Millennial Physics- Chapter Seven – Gravity – The Big Bang.

For the initial portion of expansion from the Big Bang, the entirety of the universe was too crazy and chaotic. All the material was moving faster than light (c), so everything traveled in Imaginary Time. For this duration, time does not exist in the form we utilize in physics and the physical sciences. Even though everything is moving, the dimension of Time is not included because it does not yet exist. Instead of reducing from three dimensions to two as the imaginings do, reality was reduced from four dimensions to three dimensions.

Hey, I dunno. The whole holographic thing seems a bit out there. In support of speculation, I present the only adaption of my model that almost fits. Who knows, maybe the math they have developed will drop in.

April 21, 2018

Dr. Albert Einstein pointed toward the speed of light as a limit to propulsion: his model is shown to mean, as an object’s speed moves very close to the speed of light (C), any positive acceleration toward C requires more energy to perform. His model states that, as the existing speed of the particle nears C, the increase in energy required for any positive acceleration goes up faster and faster until, when the particle is barely below the speed of light and tries to accelerate to meet C, the amount of energy required is infinite.

Dr. Albert Einstein was educated in a system that did not recognize the information we have today. He did not know we would create particles traveling faster than light. He did not know that Time was generated by our Sun. He did not understand the field of Time encompassing his location on Earth, as it limited his perception of the universe. He did not know that the forms of energy he assigned to provide the force to accelerate his particle were, themselves, traveling in an environment operating exclusively at C, which means, for a particle moving almost as fast as their environment – their medium, the ability to “gift” acceleration to the particle approaches zero & reaches zero as the particle tries to reach C. If you are riding boat in strong current and if your paddle is moving through the water at the speed of the current, your speed will never rise above the water’s current. Since matter and energy contact each other at or below the speed of light, there is never a chance to exceed C.

I had always questioned the variety of reverse observations trying to work this model backwards, and then determined my consternation. Time travels in one direction, away from the Sun (or any selected star/black hole), to fill the Solar System. While the field it generates permits uniform properties of motion in any direction, the exception is Time. Since Time moves only one direction in the Solar System, for the experimenter working within the Solar System, manipulating Dr. Albert Einstein’s models backward to stop or moderate Time are possibly in vain.

This concept even rationalizes that the orbiting of planets & moons does harmonize with the conservation of Time, so the planets & moons endure. There is no basis to justify orbits when they should stay in place if they were still. The physics of orbit rely on Time & motion to offset Gravity.

April 25, 2018

In Millennial Physics, I briefly mention the basis of String Theory observations. To expand here, any observations we make are in the gravity well of Earth, whose activity follows the gravity well of the Sun. For the two unequal gravity wells, the Sun’s well dominates, but without Earth’s impact on the Sun’s well, planetary gravity would be meaningless.

Both gravity sources include sub-harmonics that collide and interfere. Since both sources are extremely stable (but not completely static!), certain activities repeat systematically. We have reached the point of our technology to permit observation of some of these phenomena.

Pretend there is a detectable event observed at a specific locus that is based on this interference, and that we also noticed the same event occurring a meter distant. By the nature of the harmonics I describe, some events will repeat: these repetitions are the precise outcome of gravity interference between Earth and Sol. In the example case, we notice a duplicate two events one meter apart, so the model suggests the high probability of any third event appearing two meters away from the original event and one meter from the second event.

My view is, as we establish scientific parameters for any String Theory events, our utilization of properties of the Sol/Earth gravity relationship will also expand.

Quantum Computing is in the same form. We are on the cusp of utilizing the Sol/Earth properties to expand computing power.

Both String Theory and Quantum Computing are outcomes of gravity. Their technical development will solidify acceptance of Millennial Physics in ways beyond what I can influence.

April 26, 2018

Expanding on Gravity. The Field generated by Sol expands outward, which results in Real Time flowing in one direction – one dimension. The Field provides an intact sub-field, solely through internal harmonics, that to the physical aspects of all events is a static environment. We move in three physical dimensions with Newton’s Laws and with Relativity. The experimental outcomes we embrace to formulate our physics principles primarily repeat only within this framework.

There is a whole new realm to investigate outside that framework. The stars await.

May 11, 2018

When I became interested in the cosmos and physics, I was in first or second grade (six or seven years old). There was no Internet, no online data, and commercial broadcasting was just that – commercial. Facts came to a nine year old only as they were directed to my age class, which meant NASA orbital launches and Road Runner cartoons. I will note that a space/rocket ship cartoon series tried to explain – as an aside to the drama, relativity as speed grew closer to C. They produced a fine job of it with two blinking lights for a stationary and moving set. I tuned into that series as often as I was home on a Saturday morning, hoping to get a re-run of that episode, but I was six or seven so the concepts were only realized later.

The noticeable exception for me was Science News, a weekly flier for years mailed to my home as a gift from my Father. It was over-written for an eight-year-old, which meant I had to scramble in the encyclopedia quite a bit. I typically read each issue cover to cover, then later, poured through the most interesting articles before lights-out at bedtime. One article was re-read many times: about an imminent eclipse.

Along with the heavily-warning, typical declarations of risk at watching an eclipse, a clearly worded section expressed Dr. Albert Einstein’s fascination with a specific effect scientifically observed during every solar eclipse: that the Sun’s light was shown to ‘bend’ around the Moon.

The paragraph made it clear the science of detection made the ‘bending’ a valid phenomenon, but the causality for it was not explained, nor did the article mention that Dr. Einstein developed mathematics for the event: I remember reading that he moved on to other subjects to study. To me, it was an open, unanswered question. It became a seed of contemplation. Possibly the article was in a style intent to leave the phenomena a mystery, and my nine-year-old brain was caught.

The humor is, I only found out about Dr. Einstein’s efforts here in the last two years! I had thought it was obscure and never directly, completely addressed. What good luck! The mystery drove my curiosity, drove my study. I was forced to think outside Dr. Einstein to grasp this problem and solve it, and later, other problems. Whatever prevented Dr. Einstein from resolving this phenomenon, I was to be the one to complete the puzzle. Such are the imaginings of a child.

For these years, I never could be allowed to use Dr. Einstein for more than a viewpoint – an opinion; strong, but no more. I investigated logic and found monstrously-large flaws in the models presented to me. I found scientists discarding facts “like fools & like rich men” (roughly a quote from the Dr. Who television series). So much ignored by everyone else was constantly in front of me. All of it was within the Scientific Method, I simply refused to permanently discard anything.


May 18, 2018

Since you are involved with my model of the Universe, here is a recreational diversion sure to give your consciousness some exercise & expansion, and possibly some dangerous disorientation. CAUTION! This course of thought is dangerously distracting. Do not undertake during final exams. Do not contemplate while operating machinery/vehicles/equipment.

Fact: In all of physics, there is not one equation that links matter/mass with Time. Not one.

Therefore: All matter/mass can be said to exist outside of Time.

Sure, you can easily tie energy & motion of particles to Time, but that is not the same. It gets more complicated and really juicy when you incorporate my Passive Vibration model within the Sun, and tie it all to Dr. Albert Einstein. That helps you accept that everything inside the Sun’s Event Horizon is moving faster than light from any perspective within the Real Universe. You will get a better look at Interstellar Time (Galactic Time, Universal Time… I have yet no definite label for it).

What is not so obvious is that you get a much more refined grasp of Small: what constitutes Small, and the Real Universe limits that Sol sets – there are rigid limits to Small for each solar system, linked to the characteristics of each star. Small Significant Moments. Small parcels of Space. Small harmonics. Based upon spectrum analysis, we will be able to use astronomy to characterize Small for each star before we set out for it.

First, before you try to integrate it into the rest of my model, you should consider developing an understanding of matter outside of Time. This will occupy parts of the rest of your life, so getting a solid foundation will be a positive thing. Your process will be distracting until you are confident you have good footing.

Be careful with your world and be careful with you in it.

June 21,2018

When humans first wandered from their homes, they observed the stars did not change with the scenery. They walked great distances, yet the stars were always the same.

The stars remained constant as modes of travel expanded. Traders would arrive in new cultures with new rules of conduct and of values. No matter what wares and services each carried or sought, knowledge of the stars was considered important.

After a day of trading closed, recreation often included gazing into the sky spending hours in discussion and identification. A trader might know a group of stars by one name or in the shape of one animal while the local image and name could be different.

Upon returning home, the trader could tell the elders of the distant places, including how their star names and images were created: this helped define the world and its differences to the trader’s community.

Scholarship throughout the early centuries included much star information. An educated person was expected to know at least the fundamental features of the night sky. A person could discuss maters of importance to farmers, to mariners, to shopkeepers. A traveling scholar would be in great part evaluated upon arrival by stellar examination. Without any knowledge of the stars, any traveler would be held in lower esteem.

Throughout the world, a standard of language was developed about the stars. From astrology to sky-mapping, the range of universal discussion developed as the primary unifying activity of our planet. Travelers found rich social currency in their knowledge of the stars. Upon return, travelers would be pressed for their journals and written logs for scribes to distribute for education and comparison.

Today is no different other than technology. We travel by GPS and road maps but at night while relaxing beneath the stars, identification of constellations and navigational stars brings warmth and comfort.

For ten thousand years, the culture of our world has relied heavily upon the stars. More so, the institution of all forms of education expanded from how we taught ourselves the stars. Communication between scholars got its beginning with the stars. More importantly, the stars maintained knowledge and scholarship throughout the centuries with a community based in solid unity of understanding. The astral community could always be easily approached and easily understood within all cultures.

Using this history, I want to show you a different perspective. Among all the features of society and of science, there is no subject or object of human creation that holds precisely the same value for all humans and their cultures: pick any subject and the Earth will express dozens of variations for what it is, how important, how it is used, who can use it, and lengthy variations on what it means. Scientists have battled this alongside theologians, alongside merchants, alongside politicians. Every human institution has journeyed through the ages hand-in-hand with the stars. I am asking you to see that the stars and their study is embedded in every form of human communication for ten thousand continuous years. Almost every human on the planet has the stars somewhere in their personality and in some aspect of their daily lives.

So, after ten thousand years, I come along and explain that the light from stars you see is not light. I explain that ALL the information (which includes light) we receive, have ever received from stars is not electromagnetic radiation. I explain that there is an entirely different system of transmission delivering the starlight to your eyes and to our instruments. I explain how and why yesterday’s scientists got it wrong. There is more.

I use twenty-first century science to prove that light cannot travel between stars. I use an investigation begun thirteen years ago (2005) and the conclusions stated by the scientists that proves I am right: I am using science that scientific scholars have declared to be the best, most conclusive science of its kind in history. World-wide collaboration and massive computers were harnessed in a great collaboration. The humor is, the investigation merely affirms/quantifies what Dr. Albert Einstein observed, which is where my model got its beginning from reading his work when I was twelve. I already had published my model in 2006 while the major results of the investigation began to be published in 2011. I did not even hear about the effort until 2013. The modern investigation proves my statement without scientific doubt, but Dr. Albert Einstein already had accomplished that. There is more.

In the Significant Moment year 1981, I was standing with my peers in the parking lot of TRE Semiconductor Equipment Corporation in greater Los Angeles, California, USA. We were waiting for our starting time to enter and build the best robotic microlithography machines in the world: they embossed the circuitry onto microchips. Around me were some of America’s finest engineers, scientists, and technicians in optics, mechanics and electronics. It was a normal day until I said something like, “Hey guys, I want you to know that starlight is not starlight. It is gravity.” after a pause, I added, “Just remember where you heard it first.” The looks I got were not the best or most welcoming, so I have been here before. There is more.

In 1981 the basis of my understanding of gravity between stars somehow pulling the electromagnetic information along was already done, and over the decades I developed a detailed model. The model included total integration into a new foundation for the physical sciences: I am changing the basis for all the physical sciences so that they work together for the first time in history. There is more.

In Significant Moment tear 2016, I publicly defined Time in a physics discussion forum within LinkedIn. Of course, nobody publicly responded. I gave anyone with suitable intelligence to respond within almost two years’ duration, then posted the definition on YouTube.com. It is in the company of the definition of one form of Gravity – the kind of gravity which you are physically aware. There is more.

Over a hundred years ago, somebody decided that humans could not understand that radiation could perform physical work – waves were waves and passed through objects and media so could certainly not perform work. The reason for the viewpoint is that the scientists had no clue, so they had no explanation. Instead, they constructed a crutch to permit them to forget about the problem and go about making the world better: they invented the photon and immediately forgot about the problem. I got rid of the photon. It was a silly thing anyway, limited to a section representing about only one percent of the electromagnetic spectrum. That one percent section was mysteriously and miraculously endowed radiation in the optical light region – the one the humans use, with a magic particle, while the rest of the spectrum had to stumble along in the entire universe with only waves. This year, I quietly explained in a video how the whole system works so that the activity looks like a particle but is not. At issue though is the massive body of physics which uses the photon as a scalar unit. It will take years to reprise all that work for republication, and though graduate students can already taste the easy credits, the aging scholars will no doubt hop about and gnash teeth.

After ten thousand years I come along and change things – big important things in the physical sciences. I have redefined astronomy as you know it, replacing it with something far more substantial. But there is ten millennia of social and scientific inertia that must be overcome, and that inertia stems from the roots of your culture and your science. I expect condemnation, expect criticism. I expect people to publicly lie about science to uphold some sense of loyalty. I expect people to be lazy. I expect them to fight change.

I also know I am right: my model is the best so far and will open new doors. The message to you is, until now, the difference between the common belief about starlight and reality has made no difference to our lives and to our science. That time is over. From now through 2050, we will be developing new engines to power us across the Solar System in just days & weeks. By 2075 we may have shipped our first interstellar vessel – we may be that close. I do not ask you to agree with my model, I only ask you to understand it. Your children will learn it in elementary school.

Happy Summer Solstice – Northern Hemisphere

September 27, 2018

Pretend you are a scientist and for over a decade you have personally advocated for the model you published. Though the most famous scientist in history drew similar conclusions from observing this same class of phenomenon a hundred years ago, your model has not been defined as having any significance. Pretend that your model includes a survey set of five hundred trillion data points that all maintain your model. There is an additional small set of possibly a few hundred data points in the same field, and whose difference from the other, huge data point set is to have an added feature which, when presented through the same process, also confirms your model through their difference of properties. Lastly, there are no known data point in the field whose presence in the survey in any way contradicts your model.

Pretend further that you have received description of the most acclaimed scientific endeavor of its kind in history whose major findings were published five years ago, yet people are still adding details. This new endeavor validates the method of observation of the data points set and also validates the basis of your model: it reprises and confirms that most famous scientist’s observations of a century ago.

Five hundred trillion directly validating data points, a few hundred indirectly validating data points, and no discovered data points that invalidate your model. These sets of data points have been documented for a period of time considerably longer and more quantified than any ethical scientist would consider refuting. Add the latest and most comprehensive validation of the broad variety of techniques used within this new survey for all the points. The best part is, the findings are so detailed and so complete, they completely validate your model while assuring the scientific method of that validation.

My model demands a hearing on solely scientific merit – a serious discussion, capable of striking down the inertia of ten thousand years’ universal belief structure that has been based upon ancient instruments and human vanity.


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