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July 15, 2018

The Advent of Cells was a project loosely begun in the mid 1970’s. As a biochemistry undergraduate student, I was regularly affronted by information stated to us as fact, with sources too easily accepted and with gaps of evidence readily glossed over.

In addition to high school biology and chemistry, I independently studyied optical lasers and quantum physics for five years before my introduction to college level biology. The university’s department head taught ‘bone-head’ biology and did an excellent job that included a senior scientist’s insistence upon our acceptance of a barge load of standard data. This included the Tidal Pool Model, of course.

In fairness, semiconductors were hardly mainstream when I started: scientific calculators were offered starting in the range of seven hundred dollars in today’s currency. Hewlett-Packard sold its first programmable hand-held for well over a thousand dollars’ equivalent today. Even though computers were almost entirely made with transistors, most academics had no grasp of their significance to developmental biology – the machines were only tools, and digital circuits were not learning models. It would be difficult to expect biology scientists to investigate semiconductors: they had rigid lightning models to produce their electrolysis functions.

Good science always begins within the accepted models, so my first unique inquiry might be difficult to chronograph: I cannot state when my model first became enough different to be labeled ‘unique’. I can say that before 1976, I sat in a physician’s waiting room, leafing through magazine when I discovered my first photo of a ‘Flat’ in the Arctic. It was a small region – possibly less than five kilometers long, with a few large, uniform ‘Cells’ surrounded by smaller Cells. I knew that it expressed a major key to my model before I read the caption. The location and written description was all it took to cement the model in my imagination.

Research was minimal outside of my Keaton’s Biological Science textbook. The Internet was a far-off dream and my studies shifted away from biology. Instead, I learned other sciences, including semiconductor “thin-film” technology. Within the 1980’s my model finally came together as the world opened to my computer’s modem, and by 1992, I was ready to copyright and publish. I had been looking at and building this model for about twenty years before releasing it, so my confidence was high.

With slight adjustments and clarifications, it was republished in 1994, and that remained the written form to be added to the first release of www.joebrownscience.net in 2006.

At Balticon in 2012, I gave a science presentation titled, The Future of Water to define how water will be utilized and preserved on Earth for the near future. The reception was positive and I was asked to return in 2013 with The Advent of Cells. Balticon recorded both and released them both for my use. Balticon’s recording of Advent now appears as the link from the www.joebrownscience.net website. The written text is the 1994 copyright version.

July 19, 2018

For those who have a scientific background that qualifies a research biologist, a semiconductor engineer, or a particle physicist, specific functions within my model are very easy to understand. The vast majority of professionals to view the model do not immediately grasp its primary feature – stability.

It is a human blind spot because we all have cells in our body: thoughts of how cellular functions translated from totally individual & random environmental events into systemic, continuous process get ignored. Developmental process during early evolution has been completely neglected when compared to studies establishing accomplishments in defining specific processes: developmental systems were never a priority in studies of evolution. With humor I point out, between establishing the overall systems that created our biology compared to individual mechanisms, we have financial bias against defining systems of early biology, targeting mechanics to be converted to medical/fabrication products & procedures.

As you begin to study astrobiology and speculative initial systems, processes begin to take priority. In astrobiology, the often-hackneyed phrase pummeled in literature “initial conditions” dominates every model. Understanding of biology events already envelops astrobiology so the new and dynamic studies feature detail of environment to present the biology in context. This is where my model shines.

On the example of ancient Earth, the environment of my published model, I discuss locations where my processes occur. Isolated “Cells”, “Flats”, and regions of related Flats in my systems have the capacity to remain functionally intact for tens or hundreds of millions of days. Considering there were absolutely no genetically fabricated cellular walls anywhere, the desirability to see a hundred million sunrises for any system is a desirable feature where there is no other form of stability. While storms flush away isolated developments, my system in another part of the world has survived. The ultimate demonstration is that these ancient physical locations STILL exist in smaller pockets: their stability has endured for longer than life has existed on Earth. For Judeo/Christian/Islamist & other fundamentalists in Faith, my model presents details on how God first created this specific environment to allow creation of life, and then how the world was filled. My duty as a Christian is to seek truth, and thus be closer to God.

This stability is translatable to support any model. It succeeds in all models for cellular life. Theories established for other locations within the Solar System receive superior viability using my model. It is translatable to theories defining other star systems.

July 20, 2018

The examples of existing “Cells” expand as I view the world. This month, I watched a mainstream video presentation depicting the fabrication of Cells as winter oceans cool to form “Sea Ice” in the Earth’s polar regions. Looking much like a paramecium and like my model’s Cells, mechanical waves affect forming ice to create defined walls. Described as “oily”, the microscopic and larger ice particles congeal & expand to form a wall with captured open area, in sympathy with mild ocean waves. This is the first time I had observed mechanical formulation of Cells supported solely on ocean water’s surface.

For models of other worlds where oceans are either presumed or detected, this evidence provides validity for applying the principles of my model. From Sol’s planets & their moons to distant star systems, science has increased my model’s realm across the galaxy tenfold.




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