Update Blog – A Treatment For AIDS

July 23 2018

I first presented A Treatment For AIDS to American society in the early 1990’s. Since then, changes to technology improved device science: enhanced performance for power supplies & laser components provide higher efficiency and cleaner power. Individual virus species definitions have also not changed, other than offering better criteria for shape and size. My model remains the same.

Cancer treatment is conspicuously minor within my descriptions of application. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments assuredly degrade a patient’s immune responses; in many cases eradicating almost all resistance to certain pathogens.

Please imagine advantages tied to temporary replacement of that immunization during cancer treatment phases using technology that is transparent to all gene therapy, radiation therapy, & chemotherapy processes – technology that can be used for clinically detected viruses, and concurrently used with any regime ordered by any physician. Ella Treatments can be expected to have zero effect on all current forms of treating cancer.

I present a general example; a patient’s immune system has been diminished as a side effect of technology’s war on a cancer. This individual exhibits symptoms of viral infection, and immediate treatment does not yield improvement. An Ella Machine is ordered and is delivered to bedside or within clinical schedule, for treatment. Meantime, laboratory testing reveals a resident pathogen virus apparently responsible for most symptoms. Upon definition, software is downloaded into Ella that is tailored to that class of virus, adjusting machine operation. From a set of physical “Exposure Chambers” that include locations for lasers in alignment to suit an Ella Exposure Profile, one Chamber is installed in the patient’s Ella. Treatment commences – either continuously or in timed intervals. Treatment continues at sufficient rate to reduce virus population to a level the patient’s body can handle with minimum difficulty. Ella response time can be literally one hour after a patient’s specific virus is identified. Response to clinical and public outbreaks can specify an Ella Machine‘s configuration in advance, allowing a ten minute response after the patient is in position.

This Ella’s blood circulation path is then sterilized/replaced, and the Exposure Chamber is removed for separate sterilization, then reuse. A different software is selected, a proper Exposure Chamber is installed, and this Ella is ready to help another patient with a separate species of virus infection. Turnaround between patients is expected to be less than half an hour.

Gene Therapy is not affected by Ella technology: no significant generated resonance is expected to be small enough to impact any genetic components: remember, the key to optimization of tailoring Ella for a specific virus species details the species’ shell geometry & volume.

Since each virus species must be defined in order to allow the Ella Machine to be efficient & effective, there will remain a broad spectrum of viral treatments for cancer. When the introduction of a specific virus is employed for an assault on cancer, software settings and the chosen Exposure Chamber intentionally subject that class or species of virus to minimum resonance to the Ella Exposure Profile, producing minimal damage to the administered agent. Viruses closely related in size & shape to the “Viral Agent” will require other means of treatment, but 95% of all other virus contamination species can be destroyed with Ella.

For viral pathogens the patient is normally expect to survive, within one year of the first clinical Ella Machine Treatment, deaths by viral infection among cancer patients in a supporting agency’s region from viral pathogens could be reduced by over forty percent. Within four years, similar death rates for the world could be reduced by more than eighty percent.

Since for all viral pathogens normally considered as high risk & deadly, Ella Treatments are expected to be performed during this same period in persons without cancer. For all virus species, cancer treatment patient survival ratios should closely match those patients that are otherwise healthy: cancer treatments should not significantly moderate Ella Treatment results.

In short, no clinical reason exists to withhold Ella Treatment from any cancer patient currently treated with chemotherapy or with radiation or with gene therapy. Survival success rates are guaranteed to immediately improve.

With the presence of transparent treatment for catastrophic viral infection, cancer regime chemicals added solely to moderate any potential infection risk during treatment can be reduced and eventually minimized with minimal added risk. This feature improves effectiveness of every chemotherapy regime and every gene therapy regime.


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