Update Blog – American Criminality

February 07, 2019

The nomination to become Trump’s next Attorney-General must be reconsidered in light of this article I presented to you. William Barr was Attorney General for the G.H.W. Bush Administration, when the Savings & Loan Scandal occurred.

The Savings & Loan Scandal was the largest theft of cash in the history of the United States! There were virtually no prosecutions of the embezzlers, nor of the Members of Congress who shielded them from prosecution, nor the government bureaucratic officials that participated, nor the agencies within the Department of Justice who turned a blind eye and who misdirected investigation. It is clear me that the Attorney General’s Office had to be involved in this monumental cover-up. It is clear to me that William Barr had to be a willful participant in the prevention of detection and of prosecution for the crimes surrounding the Savings & Loan Theft.

Today’s nomination validates my model. The competency of William Barr to suppress prosecution of those who stole the largest amount of cash from America three decades ago is the sole reason he has been nominated this time around: his proven track record in criminality from the Attorney-General’s office proclaims him to be the one who can best contain the prosecution of today’s criminals inside and outside the government. He is the best bet to be the man who can maintain the corruption within American Government.

Do not let Barr be confirmed by the Senate! The leadership in the Senate is the group most obvious to benefit from his ability to protect them from discovery of their continuing criminality.


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