The Advent of Cells – Summary/Introduction

Author’s note 2006: This is written in the form of a proof, which means the text is as dry and boring as unbuttered, burned toast. It is a statistical proof, so the numbers are stellar in their dullness. I know it is a boring piece to read – I even have trouble reading it, until you realize what is going on in these cells, and how it relates to your brain actually reading it.
Last week a friend explained the latest data available on Prions – Mad Cow Disease, and as Jim continued, I realized this document may provide a key to your understanding how the prions may be reprising the task of ancient mitochondria & glacial acetic acid, unfortunately to destroy modern cellular DNA.
For you students, plagiarize at your own risk. Consider, instead, that much of this is brand new, and for you to write a review or feature one section would get you farther; since nobody has written on it, your on-web content will be read and quoted – great for GPA!
If you can manage to read it and understand it, please consider visiting the Feedback pages and contribute. Thanks.


The advent of cellular life took place in a cold climate and used photo-voltaic energy to create amino acids. Vast arrays of discreet, small pools collected and distributed amino acids. Constant freeze/thaw cycles maintained inter-pool pathways and physically maintained the arrays.Voltaic potential is proven between all discreet pools for all daylight hours. Semiconductor principles are applied to model capacitance, and cascading voltage fluctuations are shown to have had the potential to permit formulation of all sets of amino acids. Progression toward autonomous cells and amino acid fabrication networks are the result of the arrays. Neural networks and the development of electrical switching systems are described. Frequency filtering and refinement of bandwidth are discussed.

The term Lattice refers to a modeling structure whose basis of design is to be readily acceptable to statistical computerized mathematics with variables in the realms of such things as climate, geometry of the individual cells and of their Flat, and with constants such as the physics of electronics, partial pressures laws, and especially those pertaining to the freezing and thawing of water. The Lattice concept encompasses the entirety of the process from before the advent of cells through today.

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