American Criminality – 1930’s to Present


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I do not expect it to remain posted for many days without corruption or removal.

I am writing to express to you what I have observed. The world presents to each of us a separate view. This is mine and might not agree with anyone else – this writing might not agree with how you understand the world. Everything I write is possibly true only when verified by others.

Before you begin reading, please grasp the vast amount of fake history and discarded facts that has been required to hold the events that I portray away from you: it will permit a glimpse into the power held within this ‘Affiliation’.



As America prepared in the 1930’s for war, the American government selected Citizens for leadership. Many were leaders who managed America’s industry, who had proven themselves in their contributions to overcoming the Great Depression. The United States of America started to develop new weapons and new manufacturing strategies, finance, and infrastructure under this group’s direction.

When war began for America, we “hit the ground running” to the surprise of the German Third Reich and the Japanese Emperor. These managers did an outstanding job in the preparation for war and for the operation of our industries during the conflict. This continued through the Korean War. By the mid-1950’s this group of managers held almost complete control over American manufacturing. But there was another force within the Nation these leaders had misread.

The Servicemen and Servicewomen returning from World War Two & Korea as a group had become mature very early in their lives. Each had a version of seeing how the “old men” of other cultures had caused these upheavals that cost the American youngsters their innocence, their young adulthood, and cost the lives of those around them. This group had developed a conscience and an awareness that had not existed since the Revolution – they could accomplish anything,

Compared to previous generations of Americans, these young people were trained in military discipline and could work within a formal chain of command. As the 1950’s progressed, they entered corporate careers. Many got educated and used their military rank to assume middle management jobs at an early age, in a blossoming economy.

The change to the corporate culture toward the end of the 1950’s was a quiet process. Apparently the “old guard” that got us through war was slightly deluded by the easy adherence to chain of command as things quietly changed. Workers got more rights. Corporate choices became more defined, thus more restricted. Laws were passed to expand industry beyond the controlling circle of the old guard.

Please see that not only was the old guard influential through placement or representation on every major corporation’s board of directors & massive blocks of stock shares, these individuals had amassed huge personal fortunes as well. These individuals had the means and internal processes to produce specific outcomes in the economy. They held great power but did not see their power’s frailty in a Democracy.

Moving into the 1960’s, signs of discomfort among the old guard about change became more frequent and brash. They were senior adults in the 1930’s and had aged another thirty. They had controlled American industry for two decades with ever-increasing power, only to see their power diminish throughout the 1950’s. Entering the 1960’s, there was every indication that their individual and group influence would continue to diminish.

“Captain of Industry” is a prestigious label for anyone, but there is a subtle meaning here. Where the old guard would be admirals and generals, the captains in place in the 1960’s ran entire divisions and commanded almost every portion of corporate America. These captains were better educated than any before. Very many had proved themselves courageous in combat, and most had served their Country. The key item that the old guard missed was that the captains held loyalty first to their Nation. Where these Veterans had a sincere grasp of responsibility in decision-making, the old guard did not understand the human cost witnessed by the captains when command made errors – friends died in front of them. The combination of war, military command, and education made these captains a far greater force than the old guard had experienced.

As we moved into the 1960’s, the complaints of the old guard grew and more often went unheeded. They were getting old and their personal failures to control industry promoted bitterness. There was a fight brewing here, and it became manifest in the new, sweeping pollution laws passed in the mid-1960’s. We were killing our children and ourselves with choking atmosphere and tainted land & water. My childhood friends were ordered to never swim in the river flowing through our town. The old guard rallied behind the position that pollution is a natural outcome of industry, and that the success of industry must not be impeded by conformation to pollution restrictions. They declared industry should be able to dump whatever is required to maintain the most efficient operation of the industry.

The captains of industry moved the process of controls in a steady and expanding rate. The old guard watched in the horror of personal failure as their arguments of economics were swept aside. Even after the major pollution control laws were passed, zealots spent millions trying to have them overturned.

As in previous writings, please see the 1960’s: very large portions of America were rapidly changing, were near chaos. The all-too-real threat of communism was a guerrilla fight in every major city. Russian psychological technology was far superior to ours, and winning a dangerous percentage of the battles for the minds of Americans. Negroes were standing up and demanding rights in ways never seen. Social Security and Medicare advances, the rise of a voice from strong public schooled, educated masses who before did not pass eighth grade. The strong, amazing rise of the middle class included all colors and ethnic backgrounds.

The Vietnam War or the demonstrations against it were at the front of nearly every evening news program. Attention to the war was augmented by our government’s need to fight the psychological war waged by the Soviet with their superior tools.

Women! Women demanding equality with men! Women as chief executives! Gone was the submissive housewife mouse culturally necessary to bind the wounds of WWII and Korean Veterans and their PTSD. Bras got burned, the Pill got taken. The Pill changed authority structure in the home and in the culture.

All of this is the backdrop for a revolution of the captains of industry against the old guard. The lords of 1960 media barely covered it except during times of key Congressional votes. If this issue were present today with the same fervor it was fought in the 1960’s, it would be the main issue on every weekly program. The difference was that the 1960’s had four or five even more important issues running all the time, so there was little time for personal involvement.

For the old guard, the last straw was the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), which promised to cost billions across America to produce compliant factories. Uniformity allowed no advantage for those who historically cut safety corners to maximize profits. The simultaneous cost impacts of pollution laws and OSHA compliance was an unprecedented setback for investment capital.

When the old guard tried to raise fears of unemployment, and economic ruin, they had a much harder time than expected in advertising. They fired folks, but they could not fire them all. They threatened to close factories rather than upgrade. They threatened to take their ample investment money overseas. They threatened to ignore the new laws and dump what they pleased. Ultimately they did all of these things.

By the end of the 1960’s most all the old guard had accepted their defeat. Many repeatedly paid the terrible fines for intentional dumping, then lost appeals. They dragged their feet with safety rules and got fines, official shutdowns, and worker strikes.

For most of the old guard, this was accepted and they moved on, but like all other movements, some remained in the fight. They added tactics: they created a synthetic oligarchy. They financed a group of operators and agents to further their ideal of an economic model to improve America, in their image.

The agents built a mostly covert organization to restore an America allowing persons like the old guard to lord over industry and “protect” our economy. These groups of agents had always been around in small numbers and with limited charter. This group was heavily financed and its charter ranged from oligarchy to fascism. The group had the influence of many old guard members to call upon, ties to Congress, to law enforcement, and to banking.

The old guard leaders were scrambling for some form of control and had lacked concern of how it was done, so long as they would see results in their short lifetimes. Here is where things go wrong: the old guard enfranchised organized crime. The old guard created an alliance with American organized crime families. The families got access to financing, to Congress.

A milestone of this collusion was the placement of Charles “Bebe” Rebozo among the inner circle of the White House. Publicly inferred links to major crime families was soft-pedaled but not dismissed. Having a crime figure associate in the White House gave a perception of validity for the effort of the old guard to allow organized crime to infiltrate our government.

In some ways, I got to see this unfold firsthand. As a political science major within a clearly communist-controlled university poli-sci department (see my “China” article), I was immersed. Living in Pittsburgh put me at ground zero for the Nation’s pollution & OSHA battles. Unions and empire directors clashed in the newspapers and radio programs. Blast furnaces were silenced and people stopped going to work in factories that closed forever. The skies turned blue and more fish grew in the rivers. Neighborhoods saw soil with awful toxins get hauled away. More flowers bloomed.

Then the world was ordered by law enforcement to take notice of Watergate. We saw a simple tactical incursion into the Democratic Party Headquarters for intelligence, explode into media frenzy in every news cycle. America was not informed that the media posture was driven by law enforcement solely because the powerful influence of the old guard had ordered it to be solely regarded as a political issue. Members of Congress happily received and executed that order because it put the drama into their arena for sorting. Fame favored the motivated Members on both sides of the political debate (yes, it became a debate!), while law enforcement quietly did its job. When the facts determined the criminality, and those Members defending the old guard saw it, they moved aside and sacrificed President Nixon to appease the other side. A few operatives directly tied to the break-in & meager cover-up got minor jail sentences and ultimately book deals. The key here is that justice prevailed yet again against the old guard. They lost a President who was an operative, then he was replaced by a guy who had far less interest in running their game: Gerald Ford was powerful in his own right before becoming Vice-President, and was far more suitable to law enforcement and to the old guard’s opposition.

The old guard’s successful processes for the next few years were primarily in two areas: A.) financing foreign competitors to undercut targeted industries, destroying them in America while consuming the international profits to control industries within our Country, and B.) underground enterprises, which automatically gave organized crime families far more power within the old guard system. The primary ideas were raising capital and taking control of strategic industries through covert processes. The main target of crime was unions.

After law enforcement stifled the organized crime arm of this enterprise signaled by Watergate, the criminals confined themselves to specific areas. In the 1970’s they were chartered to destroy unions. The carrot was profit, and the only profit to be had from unions was their retirement programs – yes, at one time, the major union halls managed retirements and benefits: they controlled the accounts that payed out retirement benefits. The reason these programs rarely exist today is that organized crime was given free reign to bleed them dry. There are two indicators of how successful this program within the old guard was: 1.) the huge losses sustained by otherwise extremely powerful unions that had responsibility for many millions of dollars, and 2.) the dramatic infrequency of prosecution of the officers that allowed/facilitated the embezzlement, with almost no recovery of funds. Union officials complained directly to Congress, with minimum, well-calculated response. I have little doubt a significant number of Members of Congress had been ordered to stifle any attempts to prosecute. Failure of the unions fed the original intent of the old guard (and for most survivors, it was their final hurrah). As a minor point, loss of their retirement funds prevented international efforts to expand brotherhoods beyond America, which they publicly complained about.

Please see that, from 1972 until 1980, American Law Enforcement lost its charter to prosecute major crimes larger than a specified size. They were denied the charter to prosecute agents of a specific group – the juggernaut created by the old guard. By 1980 virtually all original old guard members were dead or senile beyond usefulness, so the organized crime families were the only united faction within. For convenience, I am coining a label and calling this juggernaut the “Affiliation”.

For those readers who do not know the subtleties of Capitalism, one invests in one’s own community for the improvement of one’s financial status and that of the community. When that money is instead handed to competitors outside the community, the loss is two-fold, as the community does not reap the benefits of investment, and to make it worse, the capital sent to foreign industry (and to criminal organizations) builds outside competition that assures a diminished community for the investor. As a rigid rule, investments in commercial enterprises outside the community is not capitalism. The organization created by the old guard was chartered to institute anti-capitalism investment with direct intent to undermine the America they did not control. For the entire history of America, and especially the post-depression era, America financed American enterprise, allowing the Federal Government to handle the primary exporting of US dollars overseas through aid and investment guidance. The old guard knew exactly how to sabotage the Capitalism of America they had helped to build. The results were devastating.

I recall a moment when I was sharing a public space with an acquaintance who was about to retire as vice-president of a huge corporation. He spent twenty minutes explaining the excitement and joy of managing the creation of a huge foreign installation with no pollution or OSHA restrictions, that directly competed with a fundamental American industry, undercutting its market share. It was to be his final major accomplishment prior to retirement, and he was proud of his role: he did not once mention the cost of American jobs or capacity, and I was too respectful to mention it. In retrospect, that confrontational question would have been very educational.

Money that for centuries would have fueled American industry, that would have paid for the pollution controls and safety for workers, poured out of the country. Cheap foreign materials and products still pour into American markets. Congressional Members were ordered to pass laws protecting foreign investment and its profits removed from American pockets. Instead, the money flowed into the pockets of that entity begun by the old guard.

Which brings us to Halliburton. Oil people I have talked to laugh when I mention JR of the Dallas TV series, saying, in the real oil business, a wimp like JR would not have survived the far worse conditions that were reality. By the 1960’s, oil was an elder industry with all the problems inherent with advanced age: corruption, sabotage, and carnage. One of the less caustic mechanisms used inside the business was manipulating equipment orders. A producer would purchase the services of an employee of an equipment supplier in the “oil patch”. When a competitor placed an equipment order, the employee “agent” would assure the correct equipment order was sabotaged. If a crucial pump or valve was needed before a specific date, the agent assured it did not arrive on time to prevent that competitor from missing his quota and losing his franchise. Orders were misplaced/lost and bungled, delivering the wrong equipment, intended to assure failure. Though in the overview, much money was lost in the industry by these shenanigans, momentary success drove the plots. Agents to be bought were cheap and numerous – especially if a few hundred dollars bribe could net you a million dollar oil well franchise.

Since this was considered harmless playful enterprise in comparison to other, more terminal oil patch tactics, very little was done about it. Halliburton was a significant player in the oil field equipment & service industry, and they announced a halt of the practice within their walls. Anyone found within the company to have acted to sabotage any order was immediately fired, and if evidence merited, they could be prosecuted. Halliburton became a beacon of integrity in a dark storm, and the moved saved a lot of small producers. Orders poured in, and soon enough, the industry was forced to embrace the ban on manipulating orders. Snowball effect moved other arenas within the oil patch to reform as well, and it became a slightly safer place to do business.

Halliburton grew far more profitable, then leveraged its position to become the political voice of the industry, doing an excellent job. Congressional offices learned the word of their Halliburton lobbyist carried the weight of the entire industry, which was never before seen for this strategic product. Sadly the Affiliation’s control of petroleum disappeared as Halliburton grew. The Affiliation had no choice but to steal Halliburton. Overnight, Halliburton became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Affiliation. Company control gave them control of the industry, and another powerful vector into control of Congress. Halliburton worked internationally, giving them new embedded systems to run goods and agents throughout the world. Most historically strategic of all, they could move much more cash around the globe. Laundering money internationally became a far larger and far safer Affiliation enterprise.

In the midst of this transition, the Affiliation supported and possibly created the oil crisis during the Carter Administration. People talk of agents traveling the oil fields, convincing the producers to stop pumping oil out of the ground to bring America to its knees. This cemented the Affiliation’s control of the petroleum industry.

We entered the 1980’s with a significant portion of the American economy controlled or leveraged by the Affiliation. Our law enforcement could readily see them but could only bite off the outer edges before someone from Congress made a call. Through the 1980’s the Affiliation invaded Congress and state legislatures until in all states they were a force.

My writing style for these articles includes short diversions that always bring you back to the narrative, hopefully with broaden perspective. I had a female friend who I have not seen nor heard from for many years. She was so beautiful, all her kids were beautiful. She was smart too: when the computers at her job failed to complete a process, she was given each project in her department to most effectively work around the problems for the best solution. She was a very nice person too, which prompted me to date her.

She told me she was from Denmark, and her parents owned a popular bar. As she reached adulthood, she moved to Great Britain. To put a date on her travels, when Princess Diana Spenser was a toddler, my friend said she had been among those “ladies in waiting” who tended to her.

Years later, she met a handsome military pilot, and he fell for her. The romance was magical and wonderful, within his fellow pilots and his family wealth. They traveled in style and could afford entertainment. His parents owned a large estate in the south, and his father was an influential minister in national politics. The couple spent weekends at the estate, and she was welcomed with genuine open arms. She said she felt like part of the family and could see a future. Then she got pregnant.

As if a light switch opened, suddenly he was made almost unavailable, hidden inside his military unit. She was shunned by the family who made the few visits to the estate intolerably cold and resentfully silent. Where once this publicly generous & kind family had been warm, they turned on her like an enemy.

She said the pilot reacted to the news as she expected: already she had two children and had not married (to my knowledge), and she was Danish. Especially after World War Two, Danish culture welcomed all children and no matter where they came from or who was the father, mothers could expect warmth from all around. The pilot had reacted as did her two previous lovers had. She told me she had warned him repeatedly to use birth control but he did not listen.

She was in a foreign country, and most of her friends were associated with the pilot’s command and his family, so she was isolated. She was made aware that the father intended to use his position to do her harm if she did not get an abortion. For this woman, an abortion was not even a consideration. She had two children and for each the father had been at least somewhat supportive. Her culture assured acceptance of any child, yet these grandparents were demanding she terminate the pregnancy. The pilot was controlled by his family and allowed the pressure to continue and expand.

Eventually, she gave in and had the abortion. The depression that followed put her into a care facility for three months. My observation of this woman says she never got over it. We dated for less than a week, and returned to being friends.

There has been a bit of misdirection in this story to deflect the point of its presentation here. The dashing young pilot of the story was not in the British Royal Air Force: the woman had brought her two children to America. The boyfriend was a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard.

And that is how George and Barbara Bush destroyed a future President of the United States of America.

On our first date, while driving, a news feature came on the radio about ‘W’, in the start of his elevation to nation prowess and eventually the Presidency. After the broadcast, I made an off-handed comment from the driver’s seat that it looked like he was going to be a GOP star. Before I looked over at her, I heard words filled with hatred, “Let me tell you about that family!” Startled, I look over to see the anger and hatred was complete. She told her story.

As she wound down from the telling, she remarked that she really did not blame W for the tragedy, inferring she understood how his family had crushed them both. I had been following G.H.W. Bush for some time on my own and was not surprised at his behavior.

With something as scandalous as this, I am confident many readers will be skeptical of the word of one woman and a guy she told as presenting it as truth. Don’t believe me? How about the Congress of the United States? Are they good enough? My wife and kids spent most of the holidays with her parents. One evening, father-in-law and I sat down to some serious drinking. Late, after the kids and wife had gone to bed, I told him the story, with his wife across the kitchen. These two were very active officers in local politics – one Republican, one Democrat. They were the only people I had ever told.

Three months later, prominent Democrats in Congress made noises about the need for W to explain his being absence-without-leave (AWOL) from his Texas Air National Guard unit. His periods of AWOL matched my understanding of when she became pregnant. Consider that W’s commanders must have known of his situation: pilot units are very tightly bound organizations. They most probably knew his family had taken control of the situation, how powerful they were, and that they were operating without regard for him in forcing the abortion upon her. His commanders probably knew how this probably tore him up, and thus gave him grace about his absence. I am confident that G.H.W. Bush also used his influence to get command to look the other way.

The Democrats did not let this confrontation lag, slowly raising the tempo and volume of their inquiry about his illegal absence from his National Guard post. Those who go back to read/hear that rhetoric and also the muted response from the GOP will understand that this dialog for power was Congress-speak for, “We already knew this tragic tale, but now it is public, so why should we not use it to humiliate the GOP and the sitting President?”

You can probably see that a game of dueling pregnancy cover-ups among the members of Congress would no doubt have led to quite a number of revelations of unintentional conception. There was a need to reach a compromise. The Republicans and the Bushes were made to bleed but not fall. For reasons I have explained, more forces were involved in this cover-up.

When I woke up the next day at my in-laws’ house, I gamed it out and knew that if either/both told their party, the outcome would be the same, how history played out.

I present it here to make a harsh point: from my studies, I already knew George H. W. Bush was a bad guy before he was elected: I knew the GOP candidate for that election had to be a prominent member of the Affiliation. I knew of G.H.W. Bush when I was told her story, so nothing surprised me except Barbara’s fury, which also surprised my friend. She told me, “I never knew a family could be so cruel.” Welcome to the Affiliation. As you can imagine, “Bush the Elder” (G.H.W. Bush) plays prominently in the next portion.

If you were directed to this article without any information about me, you have not learned about my skills with mathematics. I have demonstrated a remarkable skill at modeling really huge sets of numbers. I was raised before computers were available, so we were taught number games in elementary school. There are none of you in the public as of this writing (October, 2018) who can grasp how good I am at statistical modeling.

In the moment I am presenting, I had been following the Affiliation since the 1960’s, and had learned much about their accomplishments and goals. There came a moment in the Presidency of G.H.W. Bush – Bush the Elder, when all the indicators I could see pointed to the White House announcing the object of the Affiliation’s next big criminal act. For three weeks before the announcement, hints were dropped in press conferences that something was coming. The words presented were no more than that in public, which is all I can see: I had no inside information, but the probability tracking was perfect that a crime was to be announced by the White House.

By this time, I knew they had been too quiet but too jubilant in their silence for it to have been a setback. As time grew short, the positive sounding words increased in population, with more excitement. For the reader, I want you to see these criminals as they resolve to execute their plan. Years of planning and legwork to create the biggest crime they can formulate. Finally, the middle management of the Affiliation are told through public press conferences that the announcement of the target is coming directly from the Oval Office – how cool is that? The target is going to be revealed to the entire world, but because the world does not know, it will be just another White House press briefing, talking mainly about one thing.

Finally, with all the build-up and hints of how big it is for a few days, the moment arrives: they will attack Social Security! I was dismayed but not surprised.

Details: For many decades before this moment, the Social Security Trust Fund was the largest “bag of cash” in the world. This cash is owned by American’s working Citizens and is managed by the Social Security Administration. This “largest bag of cash in the world” had been dangling in front of financial managers yet out of reach since the 1950’s: the S-S Administration refused to allow any management of that bag by anyone outside their Administration ranks.

The Affiliation had tried to attack it and until now had failed. Social Security is exactly what they wanted to remove from America to put all Citizens at higher risk and get rid of retirement for working Americans. The concept of this announcement indicated their approval of a plan, and my experience suggested it was probably a good plan. I began to closely watch for subtle changes in Social Security. Sadly, I am alone in my math: one of the fundamental rules of combat is to have more eyes on the battle: I over-estimated their concealment. They were not starting with an attack on Social Security, and were arranging a rehearsal somewhere else.

Before I made the connection, the Savings and Loan industry was attacked. Once revealed, it made perfect sense as a “beta-test”. Savings and loan accounts have nearly the same level of confidentiality as Social Security accounts, and resemble them in many ways. This meant that the activities of individual accounts are protected from prying eyes outside the government and many departments within. Banks had once damaged the economy too much for the government to avoid regulation and oversight, but Savings & Loan accounts are traditionally individual and small business accounts that singularly could not impact the economy. Since each depositor’s account was federally insured, no individual lost the money in their savings account. Worse, the industry had been incredibly stable for its lifetime, with no major issues and few minor ones, allowing red flags to be ignored by regulators. I had over-estimated the Affiliation’s confidence: they needed to validate their process before the actual Social Security attack.

There are more features in the savings and loan charter that made them ideal to test, and these features are documented in news articles of that historical moment, but not associated with any coordinated attack – solely because nobody outside law enforcement knew it was coordinated. Treasury people apparently had to bow to their Affiliation-member supervisors, so stayed silent. The press got no handle on the conspiracy or the scope of the problem.

The primary mechanism was simple: hack the computers of very small Savings and Loan corporations, to create a non-existent person who then appears on the computers, to be approved for a loan. The S&L transfers the cash to their account. The loan gets sold, or remains in-house, but a great deal of individual loans get shuffled about, making it harder to see trends. A short time later, the money forever leaves the account in small amounts over time, with enough variations on how it leaves and where it goes, that the Affiliation knows will not cause ripples. A few payments are made to exact scheduling within all their fake accounts, then, no more payments are made to the debt account.

The S&L declares a default on the loan, moves on. Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of loans in default pop up across the industry. To cover the event, the Affiliation posts media comments that say lots of people are jumping on the bandwagon and defaulting on their loans because nothing is happening to those that have already defaulted. Within three months, the entire industry is in default, with savings accounts depleted to pay off S&L creditors. The government shuts down the Savings and Loan Administration before too much investigation reveals what really happened. The rumors of conspiracy and racketeering somehow are made to disappear. Interestingly, the money disappeared too. Despite one of the largest heists in history – maybe the largest, almost nobody is charged with anything.

The Social Security Administration has changed the rules and protections, so you can consult an expert and discover how the scheme was meant to work back then by the S&L test heist adapted to old Social Security computers. The key here is that the S&L heist took all the money that was there.

Want a smoking gun? An indicator that my model is correct? Of all the individual Savings and Loan corporations operating at the start of the heist, the president of the savings and loan corporation that removed the most money from the FDIC to repay depositors, is the brother of George W. Bush – the brother you rarely hear about.

Where did the money go? Since there was no publicized investigation of the embezzlement conspiracy, I did not expect to hear where it went. This is American organized crime! They know how to move money. I returned to astrophysics and waited for the next hint to become public.

The revitalized Affiliation grew, and in the mid-1990’s, became a more coherent entity. They started to flex their muscles in small ways to recruit and intimidate. It had become clear that the best way to remain standing was to eliminate Democracy. Like autocrats of every time and every region, fascism remains the dream of criminals and dictators. For the USA, fascism in the 90’s had to take the form of oligarchy: create a ruling elite then assign them the power of everything. The goal was to eliminate Citizen voting in meaningful ways.

As their agenda formulated, they began their march to move from the shadows into direct control of America. One pseudo-intellectual among the Affiliation elite emerged. This individual looked at the situation and determined he could become the movement’s first official leader. He then began to position himself for his rise to power.

His problem was complicated: his analysis of the situation was not complete and his arrogance prevented him from seeing his inabilities. Thus he moved too soon to succeed and really did not have the abilities needed to succeed anyway. The problem for the Affiliation was the internal resources at this man’s command, which he activated. They, of course, revealed their presence, were identified as Affiliation agents according to plan, but without any support. Their efforts went in vain, but worse, provoked defense and resistance to their actions. Their identities are logged in law enforcement and they are monitored by the good guys.

Somewhere in this process, the leader began to command changes to America to suit his own rise to power. He presented his orders to be followed solely through obedience, which his own agents provided, but Americans lacked interest. As his bluster built to its zenith, America publicly and loudly slapped him down. This nearly violent response of Citizens allowed the good guys to drag the Affiliation into the public media, where they did not want to be. The Affiliation was revealed as well and public outcry against them was based on that moron of a leader that had ordered them about. Those who promoted a fascist agenda had to return to the shadows.

This is how Newt Gingrich became an American hero of Democracy – by being so delusional and so psychotic, his rant-filled rise to dictatorial power, actually set back the American fascist agenda for more than ten years. During every Presidential election cycle since the 1990’s, it warms my heart when some big-wig in the Democratic Party formally reaffirms that Newt Gingrich will never again become anything important in government. Both sides hate him too much. The sadness is, that decade of delay has long passed.

By the way, I label this group the ‘Affiliation’ based on the commentary by singer/songwriter Paul Simon. In the song, “Boy in the Bubble”, Paul refers to “A loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires, and <ohhhhhhh> baby!”

At the end of the twentieth century, presidential politics became a priority for the Affiliation – they remembered the excitement of communication directly from the G.H.W. Bush White House giving their crimes validation. They needed control of Congress and the Presidency. They needed the authority of the Presidency to steamroll opposition and cripple law enforcement in their move toward fascism. They needed a vice-president who was a senior executive within the Affiliation. W was chosen, along with a running mate willing to shoot anyone in the face.

At the election, results were a virtual tie within the electoral college that ran down to one state – Florida, where the candidate’s brother was governor. Things began to look bad for W, so a specific district came into the focus of media. When it looked to insiders that the district might declare for the Democrats, the Affiliation referred to history: during his rise to power, Adolf Hitler sent Brown Shirts into the Reichstag, saying that a mob concerned citizens had set the fires, destroying election documents.

Affiliation agents formulated an assault on the Florida district’s facility that housed the sealed voting machines, in order to invalidate their results. These agents also were declared in the media to be a “mob of concerned citizens”; amazingly, few were publicly identified and none were charged for their multiple felonies.

When it became clear that the Florida vote would still be ruled against the Affiliation, one of the most senior executives was called. A truly evil man was sent to Florida with evil in his pocket: he carried the ability to grant any earthly desire of anyone or any group that could undermine Democracy and turn the election. Before his arrival, his target had already been selected by the Florida Republican Party, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the media.

Who would have thought it possible that The United States of America could be bought with a temporary job and a breast augmentation? W won and the Affiliation moved on.

Enron was not significant in its industry, and had good providence. Not aggressive during its beginnings, Enron was just another way to perform international transactions in selling petroleum products on a large scale. International ‘arbitrage’ is a mysterious and confidential business, filled with microscopic profit margins from fees, with billions of dollars in some transactions. Petrochemical arbitrage we now know was further masked by directions during this historical moment, coming straight out of the numerous boards of Halliburton Corporation. Enron was the Affiliation’s beta-test to validate the means to remove the trillions of dollars stolen as they drained the Social Security Trust Fund, from the United States banking system – to run it all overseas for laundering. For anyone in the business of arbitrage, no further explanation is necessary – they grasp it.

For the rest of us, when Enron got shut down, media explained the key feature the Affiliation needed to move the money: with arbitrage, you are making transactions around the world and in different time zones. Business hours in another city may be closed when you are working. When they open for tomorrow’s business day, they expect the money you agreed upon to be waiting in an account somewhere on the internet that has held it in limbo for many hours. Every day, an individual arbitrage account manager might suspend more than a billion dollars in equity bonds or cash on the worldwide web.

By creating fake accounts and fake managers, it could be possible for the Affiliation to hang 150 billion dollars a day somewhere in web computers they owned, solely purposed for this crime’s transfers. Once out of the country, the money would be routed and re-routed through legitimate and Affiliation-owned networks, until it was untraceable. The goal was to empty the Social Security Trust Fund in a few days, continuously routing stolen money through a small number of petroleum arbitrage corporations (controlled & protected by Halliburton) that would immediately move it out onto the web into international arbitrage accounts, for collection and laundering by fake receivers around the world. Enron was the model, the beta-test. Things inside Enron went wrong.

By media description, Enron was actually two businesses. At its core was a clandestine pot of money, collected by investors who, by the location of their money within Enron’s secret accounts, were some really powerful criminals. This operation was very quiet and its business activity was very modest. The goal was to prove that once removed from the Social Security system, the departure of money from US banking systems could be completely concealed as that money ventured into the world. The other Enron enterprise was a typical petroleum arbitrage firm, which was nurtured and protected by Halliburton to make Enron appear as golden and pure as possible.

Since the goal was departure of money from America, the supply of cash to send out must constantly be replenished from organized crime. The point here is that in order to constantly replenish the cash, a large number of criminal organizations were approached, offering low-fees and free laundering, “somewhere” within the Affiliation. This all went along without difficulty until the day it went bad.

I am a romantic, so I would like to think that Justice Department agents identified and infiltrated Enron. Using collected data, Justice Department computer hackers then penetrated the firewalls poking a big hole for money to pour out into the legitimate side of Enron.

The media description was that for the public arbitrage agents, a huge quantity of cash suddenly appeared in accounts that had been hidden. Like good employees, they started using that cash to leverage accounts due, and tied up that money in their legitimate business. Since Enron is a 24/7 business, the covert accounts bleeding out through an invisible firewall kept appearing on their screens, filling reserves faster than they could utilize it for their clients. The Affiliation executives in charge of Enron were internally spending money that was promised to be laundered overseas. Instead, the money went out in all sorts of foreign and domestic accounts. American accounts meant a higher risk of detection, and all the money was being lost into the industry. Please remember that the owners of that cash were some of the most dangerous criminals in the US and major criminals around the world.

After a certain point when the situation was hopeless, Enron executives removed cash from the internal account as fast as possible, somehow shifting it away from Enron. It took the Affiliation three months to drain the Savings and Loan industry but Enron was drained in one day. I believe the lion’s share of this amount was absorbed inside Halliburton.

The Justice Department has not confirmed they performed the accounting computer hack to bring down Enron. The investigation was clearly hampered by many sources that probably included Congressional interference. A lot of powerful people were exposed here and there was a lot to conceal from America. If America found out these trusted people were robbing us of trillions, the fallout could topple major governments systems. Like usual, Congress decided to withhold the truth from us – not for the good of America but for their vanity and from fear.

For me, the dark-humor highlight of the Enron investigation was when someone inside the Affiliation senior management determined that even a small, secret deposition by Enron top management would greatly unwind the Affiliation. They decided which executive was most likely to turn state’s evidence for a plea, then sent a couple of goons over to his home one evening to help him commit suicide. From then on, in confidential interview, each Enron executive could state that any cooperation with the investigation would result in another assisted suicide. The prosecution backed off.

Vice President Chaney had a serious problem: with Enron, the Affiliation had underestimated the Department of Justice. The crimes were revealed in every way but in public. Halliburton was under a microscope while holding billions of dollars owned by the world’s most dangerous criminals. His full-time job was to subjugate investigations while appeasing Congressional members. His office granted him information on work-assignments within federal law enforcement and he received information about investigations which he could funnel to the Affiliation. To the American public, he virtually disappears, but typically V-P’s keep a low profile. The craziness is enhanced by his severe heart condition: at any time his death was indicated, the Affiliation could blank his cardiogram and everyone would just shake their heads. He understood this was a significant reason he was selected above more favorable Vice-Presidential candidates.

During the following years, the success of the Justice Department to ruin Enron gave me leave to attend my interests. I was focused on astrophysics as I began to compose my website. It was obvious that nobody was rounding up Senators, financiers, and industrialists for treason, so I presumed the pressure & threats of the Affiliation had prevailed over the needs of the America’s Citizens.

I resumed my mathematical monitor of the news, and too soon, I picked up a new thread: the Affiliation on the rise. As with the Savings & Loan debacle, only the scheduling was clear – growing sooner with increasing press indicators until I could expect another event. This time, there would be no White House press corp announcement – too risky.

One day, I was riding along with the project manager, for an hour’s drive from the office to a building construction site. We were traveling to a scheduled weekly progress meeting, and the radio was off as we talked about the expected meeting issues. There were no known problems, and our portion of construction had run better than most, so we expected a short meeting.

We entered the construction trailer to find a dozen, frowning, somber engineers and managers. Our blank expressions prompted someone to ask if we had heard the news? We had the radio off in the car: 9/11. Filling us in, we were told that experts who could see the damage to the Twin Towers in New York from the outside, thought the buildings would stand. We all watched the Twin Towers on a little black-and-white TV. The smoke.

After the announcer repeated the speculation by experts that the buildings should remain standing, I said I did not think they would. All eyes turned to me as I explained how the structures were failing, and why they would probably fall. When I was done, these construction experts knew I was most probably correct.

Returning to our office, I was in shock. Like all Americans, the horror of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was devastating, and on top of that was my personal problem with my mathematical models. For days I was reeling as my streams of logic backtracked through history, and nothing made sense: 9/11 did not fall with even the remotest parameters of behavior of the Affiliation. It was too extreme and far too unspecified for their planning. The targets were too broad, too undefined. The worst feeling I had was my stark underestimation of the extremes to which the Affiliation would go to damage America in order to spread their power.

For the next few months, I recalculated. I reviewed and data-checked my information and tracked the media. I had become disheartened by the confusion. I worked the math and lived my life, ever hoping there would be a morsel of broadcast data or something I remembered that would resolve the data and bring me back on beam.

For those not steeped in statistical modeling; when the model fails, there is no simple process of correcting your path. All data streams and facts have to be re-evaluated with the hopes of finding the old error that enabled the wrong conclusion. I had misjudged the assault on America: the severity of shock intended by the calamity was far greater than the Affiliation should have risked. With the Savings & Loan, the connection was obvious within my model. Enron was a screaming alarm with huge arrows.

9/11 offered no correlation beyond the Affiliation’s intent to disrupt, then scurry around within the chaos. Check out the role in the Desert Storm and Desert Shield Campaigns, played by Halliburton. Imagine provisioning the in-theater campaign for an entire foreign war in the Middle East, with a blank check from Congress and the contractual provision of no oversight and of no financial auditing during and after the war was over. An unlimited opportunity to spend money, to waste money, and to launder money for Halliburton during Operation Desert Storm. Desert Shield came in extra handy as well.

A few months after 9/11, my answer was revealed, and for the first time in the decades of tracking the Affiliation, I got angry. Among dramatically random deliveries to the homes of a few American Citizens, a prominent Congressional Democrat’s office received and envelope of anthrax. This attack exactly matched my model in means, severity, and target. The Affiliation’s mistake was simple: the American Citizens selected were far too random for any foreign or domestic terrorist group to distribute. Without computers, hard work and uniform criteria could see it, but if I could imagine it, law enforcement had much more information, and would get there with computers (which they did). 9/11 was most probably not a direct act of the Affiliation.

What angered me was the terrorist anthrax act itself. The Affiliation knew America was still reeling and recovering from the 9/11 attack, yet some senior executive in the Affiliation had already spent influence and political cash inside the organization to be given permission to execute the distribution of anthrax: 9/11 occurred, halting the enterprise mid-stream. All the economic profit parameters and political traps were set. This executive need to convince others that all his efforts must amount to something. This executive finally convinced the Affiliation leaders that it was appropriate to mail the anthrax. They kicked America while it was getting back up. Members of Congress were nearly silent, as they understood the source and the meaning. I remember a sense of helplessness among their quotes.

Looking at the stock market manipulations and the shifting of stocks throughout the months before the anthrax attack and 9/11, there will be numerous award-winning economics papers published in the next few years tracking the Affiliation and tying them to the anthrax attack. I expect somewhere in the Justice Department, an evidence pile already exists.

Months later, the FBI announced they knew who sent the anthrax, where it came from, and how it was delivered by American Citizens. Despite the murders, look at the number of arrests. How many? Who would possibly have the power to squelch convictions of a known domestic terrorist conspiracy, murdering Americans and attacking Congress with anthrax? Know anybody? I recently was informed that those identified as the alleged perpetrators of the anthrax attack also got help with assisted suicide, like the Enron executive. The Affiliation delayed prosecution from the inside with calls from Congress, then assured the conspirators were dead before they could be hauled in and charged with murder, terrorism, and Treason.

At the beginning of this century, Congress started stealing from the Social Security Trust fund, replacing cash with loan guarantees which are meaningless when compared to cash. This continues to this day, stripping the Trust Fund so they can proclaim the “need” to reduce the amount paid to senior Citizens.

There is another, event that occurred at the beginning of this century, meant to destroy all of America from within. The George W. Bush Administration ruled that the opium growing cartels in Afghanistan were welcome to produce as much opium as they chose during America’s occupation. To put a fine point on it, within a country where American intelligence has constant war-level coverage which can identify every field and has photos of every poppy flower harvested, President W ordered the CIA and military to track and not intercept all opium shipments out; to track and not intercept all profits returning to Afghanistan. Really. Look at the public record. This is not the CIA smuggling a small amount of heroin from Cambodia in the 1970’s. This is full-scale production beneath an umbrella of protection by the American government.

You will learn that for Afghanistan, America’s drug experts predicted ultra-low-cost heroin and an explosion of addiction across America, but W approved it anyway. International heroin cartels could receive opium from Afghanistan, then process the opium into heroin anywhere in the world, with understanding that American interdiction would wait until the heroin was being delivered into the US.

Along our borders, the result was obvious. Profits easily surpass attrition of smugglers & corrupt US agents. That margin has risen every year for nearly two decades. Who collects these profits? You guessed it. This heroin enterprise has been the major direct income stream for the Affiliation in this century. Afghan opium production was minimal during Taliban control and would probably be halted if the Taliban was restored to power, so please notice that Afghanistan is America’s longest lasting war as it feeds the Affiliation.

Heroin kills people and destroys neighborhoods. It can be vectored: if a legislator is not cooperating? Throw a lot of cheap heroin into their town, their district, their state or commonwealth. The Affiliation receives a staggeringly massive income from heroin and can destroy any politician or party group with precision. My home Pennsylvania has coal, the traditional & future nemesis of petroleum. Halliburton has used its Affiliation dominance to assure Pennsylvania and West Virginia receive more than their share of heroin. Deaths in some counties of our two states is nearly double the national average.

The understanding is that the Affiliation executives cannot be prosecuted or even charged. Do you think George W. Bush asked the mothers of America if it was okay to schedule their children for death? Do you think George W. Bush was given a choice?

The Affiliation is using this income and blackmail to expand geometrically each year in the twenty-first century. After subtle financial laws and codes alterations, in 2008 the Affiliation planned and executed theft of personal fortunes and homes. They collapsed major brokerage capacity and deflected all prosecution, denied all changes that had protected independent American investment.

Since the success of 2008 the Affiliation has not looked back in their drive to fascism. Today the Affiliation runs much of your government, and has used their power to usher in the original charter of the old guard in the 1960’s. Oligarchy has been nurtured and has been expanding for decades – long enough for the advent of actual fascism to reach America’s door with all the power of organized crime and the blessings of all our enemies.

* * * * *

The fundamental scientific basis of Democracy is never openly taught because it is so fundamental.

When all participants are heard, the statistics are far more probable – are the highest, that one voice among the Citizens will state the best answer to every problem. Democracy works when every participant hears every suggestion and can support or reject every possible choice. When the Citizen makes the suggestion that is the best one for all, in a Democracy, it spreads and cannot be stopped. It becomes the process of that Democracy.

The goal of oligarchy & of fascism is to assure no choice beyond their choice is spoken. You are ordered to ignore any idea that is not their choice. My version of history is my voice in within a Democracy of millions. Each of you will have to decide for yourself what is true.

Gallant Patriots within law enforcement chew at the White House but cannot bite the depth of the Affiliation within its walls. Law enforcement is strong-armed by Members of Congress to repress information America should know.

My presentation of this history allows others with their portion of this era to come forward in support of my models. Imagine a retired officer of the Department of Justice showing my account of Enron to a grandchild, proudly saying, “See this? My team went in and opened that hole in the firewall to let the money pour out. One of the proudest moment of my career!” Another retired official will go on talk shows, stating the statute of limitations has expired, and so the Savings and Loan scam can be talked about openly, and names will be stated.

America has a well-known organized crime “Associate” running the White House. Decades of heroin profit were laundered through casinos in Atlantic City owned by this individual. Nobody outside law enforcement can state that Trump was an active participant, but the facts are that heroin profits were laundered in those three casinos while Trump owned them – nobody can legally state whether it was less than a thousand, or hundreds of millions of dollars from tens of thousands of dead American children.

The Citizens of America are watching as the Affiliation, through Congress and the President are stealing our public property. They are eliminating their taxation to oppress and destroy Democratic America while becoming fatter. They are eliminating all safety nets and assuring the economy collapses. They are creating fear through increasing pollution – like the old guard wanted.

The Affiliation controls the financial structure in America, and while we are supposed to be Capitalists, the economy has instead become an oligarchy that forces more control by a few, and less opportunity outside the oligarchy. Where once houses were a safe and wise investment, corporate competition with unlimited funding is preventing most young people from buying a home. There is grand profit in forcing all to rent, and a far great opportunity for personal manipulation. The Affiliation can blow up the value of houses in a local market for a year, then cause the market to collapse, like they started nationwide in 2004: millions lost their homes. The Affiliation can force Congress to pass sketchy banking and finance laws, then use those laws to collapse the industry when they choose, like in 2008.

Do you remember those World War Two & Korean Veterans I mentioned? Remember those ‘Captains of Industry’ that gave us a cleaner Nation? The Affiliation got their final revenge by stealing their retirements, their homes, and their healthcare in the beginning of this century. They destroyed their children in 2008. As good measure, since Vietnam produced the same variety of brave Patriots, their fortunes have been erased as well.

The Affiliation no longer needs to threaten the lives of America’s governmental officials and their families. The Affiliation simply pumps more heroin into that constituency, killing children until the official fully cooperates. We in Pennsylvania & West Virginia have seen far too much of this. Utah, Montana, and Idaho have seen the Affiliation dump crack on their children until their officials are completely controlled. Northern Mexico is a killing ground, as smugglers battle all to dominate and be paid billions by the Affiliation.

Throughout the United States, the Affiliation shutters factories through economic sanction to starve communities as they choose. After 2008, their control of our economy has been nearly complete.

Through the United States government, they methodically are removing all public health care from all seniors. They are removing all healthcare from poor and middle class children.

Through the United States and state legislatures, they are systematically removing all public schooling beyond basic literacy, except for upper middle class children. They are forcing school to change history taught to children, making it favor fascism. Four year college is being eliminated for all income groups beneath the wealthy.

I have to laugh. The members of the Affiliation never studied American history. The Affiliation has apparently stashed a staggering number of fully automatic rifles in the federal governments’ Health and Human Services offices around the United States. In the future, when they have damaged our Citizens to the point of civil unrest, the rifles will be locally delivered to their privately-contracted storm troopers. These mercenaries will methodically be killed with deer rifles, lovingly-accurized semi-automatic rifles, and with golf clubs. The Affiliation needs to take your guns, and Trump publicly voiced that as a statement in the first year of his Presidency to satisfy his owners: Trump is the first sitting President to ever state that the government should take your guns.

My writings assure that George H. W. Bush will have the opportunity to look into the eyes of his grandchildren before he dies, and see their understanding that his legacy will be as a common criminal trying to steal from every American Citizen, as traitor to America, and as an enemy of Democracy. George W. Bush will be remembered as suffering from what his father had done to him as a young man, and what Bush the Elder had done to the United States while W had been President. At the end of his term, W balked and rejected the Affiliation. Chaney laughed it off saying W had “lost his faith” <in the Affiliation>.

The current milestone for the Affiliation is to bring America into a fascist state. They have already destroyed Capitalism and installed an oligarchy economy, which is the major intermediate step to fascism. Trump’s job is to normalize fear and hatred needed to bring about the Fourth Nazi Reich. His job is to assure that Citizens have less and less confidence in Democracy, without knowing why, or knowing who is doing it.

I think that this article may prompt law enforcement to step up and explain to the American people why they hesitated to indict criminals, bowing to Congress. I think they can explain to the American people why they decided to ignore crimes above a certain level, letting the operators continue, pretending it was only politics. I hope they stop shielding some of these, the worst criminals in America’s history. I want these criminals dragged out from under their rocks and brought into the sunlight. I do not care if they are prosecuted, but America deserves to see them, to know about them and what they did.

America needs to learn that a huge group of internal conspirators have been undermining American progress for the last half century. It explains a lot about our difficulties in a way the a Citizen can grasp. It puts a face on the unethical, subversive actions of small portions of our government controlled by thugs. It offers more hope for improved government.

People like the Koch Brothers have no modern political choice in giving money to further their personal agendas. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is fully controlled by the Affiliation, so a conservative gives them cash and hopes for the best. Here in Pennsylvania, the RNC has blackmailed our Commonwealth Republican legislators into performing like vermin and selling out the Commonwealth. The goal of the RNC is to crush coal for the oil companies. By crushing Pa. and West Virginia through legislative skulduggery they achieve their goal.

I want somebody to explain to Texas: to really explain why Senator Cruz is called ‘Lucifer’ by other Members of Congress. In the 1960’s during the Johnson Administration, the leadership of Texas declared that all eyes would soon turn to Texas. Texans had the gumption and drive to make the state a paradise for culture & industry.

Houston was meant to become the most modern and sophisticated manufacturing hub in the world. The goal was to have Houston lead industry into the future. It never happened.

Dallas/Ft. Worth was already a great business hub, and it was to become the place where the world does business. A massive stock exchange was to rise there. It was also to become the world center of high fashion. It never happened.

San Antonio and Austin were to become the educational & cultural centers of the world, drawing the finest artists and musicians to their universities and prestigious halls. And again, it never happened.

The visionaries in the 1960’s that announced this “Texas Renaissance” said simply, the huge profits of oil would allow this all to happen, and since Texas was so rich, there would be nobody in the world that could compete. The leaders of Texas would make this happen to show the world how wonderful it is to live in Texas.

If you look at what the Affiliation is now doing to undermine America, it is easy to see what it has been doing to Texas since the 1960’s, and why Texas never reached these goals. History proves it is far easier to control individuals if they accept that they are failures, and they have no pride in their achievements. The Affiliation needed Texas to be less than proud of their state so the future actions of the Affiliation did not look bad. The Affiliation needed to be in full control of Texas.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s Houston was thrown into the gutter to eliminate a manufacturing base for Texas, while blaming pollution laws. Even their professional football team was not permitted to win. Dallas/Ft. Worth was forced to remain primarily an oil business town, and high fashion remained outside Texas. San Antonio and Austin are cultural hubs, but again, not nearly what they should have become, due to lack of investment money.

I want the Citizens of Texas to grasp how much the Affiliation has forced them to sacrifice over almost four generations. I want them to understand what could & what should have been the legacy of their lives that was crushed by the Affiliation to maintain psychological & financial control over fundamentally proud and honest Texans and their children. I have loved all of Texas I have seen, and I also understand how much better it should be. I want a Texas spread when I return to training dogs and horses, preferably some distance from the Bush ranch.

The federal statute of limitations has expired on much of what the Affiliation has done to America, so though we can be told of their sins, chances are slim the ancient leaders would serve much jail time. Countless officials will see early retirements & resignations, or not seek re-election.

When the good folks of Texas grasp what has been done to them, well, that might be a different matter, y’all. The Affiliation stole their lives and their children’s lives.

You don’t mess with Texas.

You can now imagine why I do not expect the Affiliation to permit this article to remain online, so consider downloading it for the future. You are encouraged to repost. Please see the update blog:

Please recognize that this is not a political article – it is strictly a report of criminal activity that involves premeditated manipulation of government office and agencies to execute a theft, then the conspiracy-after-the-fact to conceal the crime & perpetrators.

Advertisement: I am a Capitalist. If you feel you received something of value in reading this article, please buy a copy or many copies as gifts of my science-fiction e-novel,

The Boson Maru

The novel explains the early exploration of our Solar System. It contains no cursing and no sex, with brief military combat violence. There is brief nudity, not related to sex. Heroes are equally of both genders. The Boson Maru is available through as an electronic book (e-book). Thank you for your patronage.


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